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The sound of many Strikes is guaranteed fun for all ages. IMPLY® iBOWL offers the best and more profitable bowling characteristics, on the smalest Imply mini-bowling version. Play with your friends or with your family, and feel all the excitement of bowling. iBOWL® provides fun in any environment, such as shopping malls, bars, restaurants, residences, hotels, clubs, etc. It is the ideal game so that you can have all the profitability of official lanes, even in very small spaces. O iBOWL® is manufactured with the highest quality materials. And if black lights are used, the Bright Bowling effect gives a show!

Comprimento dois módulos: 4,00 m (13' 1 1/2")
Comprimento três módulos: 6,60 m (21' 7 12/25")
Largura: 0,93 m (3' 3/5")
Altura: 1,85 m (6' 4/5")
Peso: 405 kg (892.87 lb)
Electrical Requirments : 110V/220V 50/60HZ

Operated by coin, token or smartcard for easy collection
Neon colors with Bright Bowling effect
Prepared for Redemption Tickets
Lanes with synthetic phenolic laminates (as in official lanes)
Automatic Electronic Score shown in LED Display Amazing musics and sound effects
Up to 8 players per game
Electronic panel displays personalized messages when the lane is closed
1 Ball per Frame, 10 Frames per Game (Operator Adjustable)
Complete pinsetter with easy operation and minimum maintenance
Decorative front panel illuminated with backlight
 Customizable configurations
Front door slides and opens up easily,with buffer ans smooth opening
The maintenance is totally performed on the front of the equipment

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