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 Go Kart

Go Kart are designed and maintained to be completely safe and stable while providing real racing action. we supply your racing suit, helmet,and instruction to get you started.

Engine, Briggs & Stratton/Honda                6.5 HP (Petrol, Hand Pull)
Overall Length                                           1800mm
Overall Height including roll bar                   650mm ]
Overall width                                             1200mm
Axles                                                       (rear) 30mm dia driving one 
                                                                rear wheel
Brakes                                                     2-Disc Brakes
Tyres                                                       (rear) 11x7-10-5. (Front) 10x4.5-5 
Weight                                                      60kg-70kg depending on engine.
Speed                                                      Max. 0-60 km/h
Body - Reinforced glass fiber bodywork with built in headrest, rear wing.
Hubs - (rear) 1 piece cast alloy.(front)cast alloy with taper roller bearings

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